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Quality Home Childcare With Leah
Quality Home Childcare With Leah
Quality Home Childcare With Leah

Kia ora, my name is Leah from Nurture@Home, quality education and home childcare. I provide a loving home-based childcare service in Stoke.

I believe that children learn more when they are comfortable, loved and feel secure and included in family life. I value the importance of taking the time to talk about everything, explaining, answering questions and listening to children to enhance their sense of security and wellbeing. I believe it is important for children to have a variety of experiences that are guided, along with opportunities to play and explore freely to foster their independence and imagination.

Our family includes three children, our dog Mitzi, and our cat Ziggy! Together we enjoy a wide variety of sport including jet skiing, walking, biking and having BBQs and picnics with our extended family and friends. I also enjoy reading when I get the opportunity.

I am passionate about attending outings and activities with the children providing them with lots of opportunities to try new things and master developing skills. My home is very family orientated and full of fun, laughter and activities. Our large backyard offers a fabulous playground with a sandpit, bikes, a play hut, and a butterfly cage. I also provide the children with lots of books, music and art and craft and attend weekly Nurture Playschool and NatureFocus. In my care, your child becomes part of our family.

I would love to meet you to discuss your childcare needs.

Find out more information about myself via my facebook business page.

To discuss your quality education and home childcare needs with Leah – please don’t hesitate to contact us.

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