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Infant Brain Development

The first three years of life is when the human brain does most of it's hard wiring making millions of connections. These connections are formed in direct response to the child's/tamaiti environment. Nature, Nurture and Early Brain Development For some…

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Attachment relationships form the basis for children/tamariki thriving. What is attachment? Attachment develops through one-to-one interactions between adults and infants. Early interactions shape the wiring in the brain and establish patterns for how the child will develop relationships as they…

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Shells, Stones & Sparkling Sand

  Here at [email protected] we are passionate about providing children with outdoor experiences. WHY? Learning outside supports the development of healthy and active lifestyles by offering children opportunities for physical activity, freedom and movement, and promoting a sense of well-being.…

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Settling Children into Care

Settling children into care can be an exciting, emotional and stressful time – for parents, educators and children! Separation anxiety is a natural stage in children’s development and is actually a normal response in young children that indicates a strong,…

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Nurture in Nature

EXPERIENCING NATURE! To encourage children's curiosity about nature and as advocates of the new revolution 'No Cotton Wool Kids' we have Wheako Taiao (Experiencing Nature) Natureplay. We meet once per week in an outdoor environment, allowing children the opportunity to…

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