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Our Team Leaders

We are team of incredibly proud and passionate qualified teachers at [email protected] – Quality Childcare & Education.

Visiting Teacher - Janelle - Home Childcare


Bachelor of Teaching & Learning Early Childhood Education/NZ Fully Registered Teacher

Owner/Manager and Visiting Teacher

Janelle is the proud owner of [email protected], growing a reputable homebased childcare & education service from her passion and belief that homebased care is best, which has stemmed from her experiences working, since 1994, in childcare centres as a teacher and a team leader; working as a Homebased Educator, and from raising her own family. Janelle works as a Visiting Teacher and holds an Australian Diploma and a NZ Degree in early childhood education, along with having over 25 years experience in the early childhood field. Janelle is from a large family herself, and her own blended family has extended to five children and two grandchildren. She shares a love of the outdoors with her husband and children and they can often be found out on and under the water scuba diving when time allows. Janelle’s passion for early childhood education (ECE) is coupled with a determination to offer families the highest quality care for their children – and her vision drives [email protected] to deliver excellence in early childhood education and care. Janelle and the Leadership Team manage and support the wide network of nannies and Homebased Educators that make up the awesome team at [email protected]

Visiting Teacher - Mandy


Diploma of Teaching in Early Childhood/National Diploma in Tamariki Ora Well Child Services/NZ Fully Registered Teacher

Visiting Teacher

Mandy, one of our fabulous Visiting Teachers is a fully registered teacher holding a  Diploma of Teaching (Early Childhood Education), and as a Mum herself, is passionate about homebased child care. Mandy supports and mentors our Educators; is involved in the planning of our curriculum, excursions & outings and is passionate about strengthening relationships in our local community. Mandy is also a Community Kaiawhina for Plunket and recognises that through homebased care children get to enjoy a social environment but still explore and interact with their world at an unhurried pace.

Visiting Teacher - Chloe


Bachelor of Teaching & Learning (ECE)/NZ Fully Registered Teacher

Visiting Teacher

Chloe feels very fortunate to have joined the [email protected] Leadership Team as a Visiting Teacher. She is a fully registered teacher holding a Christchurch College of Education Bachelor of Teaching and Learning (Early Childhood). Chloe has been working in Early Childhood for ten years, both in management and teaching roles and has a strong passion towards creating relationship-based care and learning.

Chloe advocates for a heartfelt approach that involves respectful practice in an unhurried pace and being attentive to each child’s needs, rhythms and interests. Her passion is to also lead and mentor cohesive and collaborative teams of Educators/Kaipoipoi. Chloe does this by supporting them to recognise and discover their values and strengths around child development. Chloe encourages Educators/Kaipoipoi to embrace the notion of being authentic in their practice, in the aim of maintaining passionate, motivated and nurturing Educators/Kaipoipoi.

Visiting Teacher Homebased Child Care - Anna


Degree in Psychology & Education and a Graduate Diploma in ECE

Visiting Teacher

Anna is pleased to be a part of the fantastic [email protected] team. Mum of three, Anna has experience working as a Visiting Teacher, Homebased Educator and a Nanny abroad. Anna feels her experience from working as a Homebased Educator in the past has supported her to understand how crucial and important this role is. Anna is so passionate about Homebased Care and Education and the difference that it can make in young tamariki lives. Anna loves inspiring Kaiako (Educators) with fresh ideas and new perspectives and adores watching children thrive in such a wonderful homebased community.



Lillian is [email protected]’s superstar administrator and is passionate about parenting and building individual connections, which is why [email protected] really aligned with her. Lillian loves being a part of our amazing team; supporting the Educators, children and their whanau. Lillian also loves being organised, working with numbers and making sure things are working as they should from behind the scenes. Lillian and her husband enjoy spending time at the beach, being outdoors, exploring rivers and different bush walks in the area with their three beautiful children.


Bachelor of Teaching & Learning (ECE)/NZ Fully Registered Teacher

Visiting Teacher

Rochelle, one of our wonderful Visiting Teachers is a fully registered teacher; and knowing how important those first 3-5 years of life are for our tamariki, used a homebased Educator for her own two gorgeous boys when they were younger. Rochelle has enjoyed various teaching roles in her career and is super excited to be working in her role as a Visiting Teacher for [email protected] guiding our Educators, getting to know our tamariki and building positive relationships with them. Rochelle is passionate about supporting children to grow in virtues such as aroha, kindness, mana and resilience, strongly aligning with the [email protected] philosophy and is honoured to be welcomed into homes, to support the wonderful connections and learning opportunities that children receive in homebased care.

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