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Hi, my name is Delia from Nurture@Home, quality education and home childcare. I love running my boutique childcare service from my home with the support and guidance of Nurture@Home. I have extensive experience at caring for and educating children, working closely alongside families to ensure their children feel safe, secure and confident so that they thrive in my care.

I believe it is important for children to receive love and nurturing so that they develop a sense of trust and confidence in their surroundings. I offer stimulating and interesting activities, and friendships formed with other children helps them to grow socially and emotionally. I observe the children closely to discover their interests and provide individualised programmes to enhance their learning and development.

I am a loving Mum to my own children, a grandmother and I am passionate about providing quality care for children in a safe and secure home environment. Our gorgeous rural property offers a wide variety of activities and experiences, both in the home surrounded by rolling hills and animals, and out on the property, tending to the animals and going for walks around the farm. I regularly attend the Nurture@Home Playschool, gym session and outings; and we also regularly go to a local music session on a Monday. In my home the children form a sense of belonging quickly gaining the confidence to explore and discover, establish friendships with both my care children and the wider Nurture@Home network children, and learn at their own pace with added support and guidance due to the low ratios. I look forward to meeting you and I welcome your children into my care.

To discuss your quality education and home childcare needs with Delia – please don’t hesitate to contact us.

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