Children learn best through play and that is why we provide two Nurture@Home playschools EVERY WEEK during term time.

Playschools provide lots of socialisation opportunities for children and adults and our Playschools are open to anyone in the community so you are welcome to join us.


When: Thursday mornings (anytime from 9.30am to 12pm)

Hope Community Church
Ranzau Road

Nurture@Home Playschools support children to:
* Establish relationships
* Play and learn alongside others
* Confidently transition to school

Nurture@Home Playschools support adults to:
* Learn from others
* Implement new learning
* Access mentoring from experienced Educators
* Be supported by Visiting Teachers


At Nurture@Home Childcare & Education we are passionate about supporting children to connect with nature and Papatuanuku. 

At our weekly NatureEXPLORERS the environments offer a variety of possibilities for exploring, planning, reasoning & learning as the children are able to study, discover, investigate and search. 

We have been operating our NatureEXPLORERS for over 5 years, meeting weekly in the outdoors to provide children with opportunities to connect with nature and explore local environments, developing a sense of belonging in their community and an attachment with nature. Re-visiting familiar settings encourages the children to develop confidence, and our children know they belong and have a sense of connection to the environment. At Nurture@Home Childcare & Education the children’s relationship to Papatūānuku is based on whakapapa, respect and aroha.

Nurture@Home - Playschools