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[ Educator for: Stoke ]

Hello, I’m Monika and I am conveniently located in Stoke and provide flexible hours for home-based childcare.

I believe that every child is an individual that learns different things at different times and it is important to build a relationship with the child that is defined by mutual trust and respect. I provide a variety of fun-filled learning opportunities for the children in my care that sparks curiosity and follows individual needs and interests.

I am originally from Germany and my partner is from Fiji. We have two young children of our own and our home provides a multi-lingual experience including English, German and Hindi.

I have previously trained in Germany as a Medical Pedagogue (Teacher) and a Movement Pedagogue and worked for 6 years in a kindergarten where I gained experience working with children with special needs.

Books and reading are a big part of our home environment along with a range of other activities including, arts and crafts, messy play and gardening. We will also make the most of outings in our community including Nurture@Home Playgroups, music, nature play and visits to the library and playgrounds.

I love reading, arts and crafts and spending time with family and friends. In our family time we love to do things outdoors – going to beaches or parks and going on trips in our four-wheel drive (mainly getting wet and muddy!).