Hayley – Trained

Hayley – Trained

[ Educator for: Stoke ]

Hello, my name is Hayley from Nurture@Home, quality education and home childcare. I would love to have the honour of working with you and your beautiful children. It would be wonderful to be able to support them as they grow and begin to explore and discover the world around them!

I am a mother of four fantastic children. We speak Spanish and English at home. I have a degree in nursing and a primary teaching diploma. I lived in Bolivia, South America for nine years where I worked in an orphanage kindergarten, adopted my first child, taught grade two in a bilingual school, and attended art school where I met my husband and had my two boys. Since returning to New Zealand I have participated in Playcentre, had my fourth child, worked as a teacher at Nelson Montessori and enjoyed working as an Educator. I have a level 3 Early Childhood Diploma and have recently completed a Montessori Children’s House Assistant Course. I am currently doing a course in Maori culture with Te Wananga o Aotearoa. I endeavour to continuously improve my knowledge about children’s education, development and psychology so that I can support children in their learning.

I believe that for children to feel a sense of security and belonging they must feel listened to and understood and to be communicated within a way that they understand. They need to be valued for their efforts and their contributions and loved and treasured just for being themselves. They need to be given time to explore their own interests and learn at their own pace.

I love the curiosity and enthusiasm of young children and their fascination with anything unknown. I love to provide them with opportunities to explore the world around them and help them understand how things work. To grow and to learn children need an environment that provides them with the opportunity to develop skills that enable them to participate effectively in their environment. They need time, resources and experiences that enable them to develop an understanding of the world around them. They need to be able to learn through open-ended creative play, exploration and discovery and through communication and interaction with others.

I am happy to work with infants and children with medical conditions and special needs of all kinds and I would be willing to further my knowledge in any way if it means I can better meet the needs of your child as I understand how precious your child is to you!

We live in Stoke, in a house full of exciting toys with a garden full of flowers and vegetables. We have a swing set, a hammock, a playhouse and a trampoline. We live right next door to a reserve full of fruit trees, close to Stoke Library and Isel Park.

We love art activities, exploring science concepts and doing experiments, listening to music and making our own, doing puzzles, baking and preparing food, growing things in the garden and discovering creepy crawlies, visiting the beach, the bush, and the park and Natureland. We love to visit the library and get books about things we are interested in. We do lots of reading, telling stories and some writing too. We have fun with math concepts: learning about numbers, fractions, and shapes. We enjoy building and digging, driving cars down our huge car ramp, and playing ball. We love water play including watering the garden, bathing dolls and mixing different coloured water. We do lots of creative imaginary play and we really love all kinds of art activities.

Come and join us! We look forward to meeting you!

To discuss your quality education and home childcare needs with Hayley – please don’t hesitate to contact us.

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