[ Educator for: Atawhai ]

As a mum myself I believe children need time to play and explore. This is how children learn.  A sense of belonging is also important, which is why I believe in home-based childcare as the ratio of adult to children is more welcoming.  Whether that be swinging from a tree in the backyard, running under the sprinkler when it’s just too hot to do anything else, to digging in the garden looking for new insects while we plant some seeds. Every activity we do has an opportunity to play, grow and learn. I also offer outings around the children’s interests which could include art & craft, cycling, scooter trips to the nearby parks or playgrounds. We have two dogs who are part of our family so children who also love dogs will fit in well to my environment.
I enjoy family time, which includes going for walks with our two dogs, cycling, chilling at home with the dogs and having friends/family over.  I also enjoy getting out my paper-crafts and creating something special.
I look forward to meeting you soon.