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Become a Home-based educator

Becoming a Home-based Educator with Nurture@Home was one of the BEST things I have ever done. I am living my dream! I’m a Mum and have a rewarding career that allows so much flexibility to be ‘Mum’ whilst making a good living along with a contribution to society by nurturing the up-and-coming generation. How cool is that?

It is the best of both worlds. I don’t miss that special event, or a sports game after school, or have to hope the boss will allow me an afternoon off work to go and watch my child perform in a talent quest. I get to do all these sorts of things that children want of their parents and my income doesn’t miss a beat through any of it. These activities are all part of the children in care making connections between people, places and things in their world.

Nine years ago, I was working in a completely different industry, I’d had my eldest son and gearing up to head back to my job. As the maternity leave came to a close, I couldn’t shake this overarching feeling that ‘this isn’t for me anymore’. How can I go back to that high-demanding job and still be present for my child? I knew that I needed and wanted to go back to work and make a contribution to society, but this little child – how could I have it all? I didn’t have to soul search too far, my child was my passion. Children had become my passion.

Becoming a home-based Educator was a brilliant solution. It appealed to me as I was able to be my own boss, pick my days and hours of work. Working from my home, while building connections with others in an industry that is not only so satisfying but incredibly rewarding too. Did I say earn a good living? My child could remain at home with me too, while I reaped those career benefits.

Nurture@Home has been so supportive in this career – always on hand and I have made friends, trained, and achieved qualifications for ECE. I have been able to love so many other people’s children and never missed a beat of my own. Would you want all of this too?


If you want to be so satisfied in your role as Mum and highly satisfied being in THE BEST career. Then join us today. I didn’t regret it and nine years later I would still put my hand up and say I love my work with Nurture@Home.

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