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Visiting Teacher - Janelle - Home Childcare

Owner/Regional Manager and Visiting Teacher

Janelle is the proud owner of Nurture@Home, growing a reputable homebased childcare & education service from her passion and belief that homebased care is best, which has stemmed from her experiences working, since 1994, in childcare centres as a teacher and a team leader, working as a Homebased Educator, and from raising her own family. Janelle works as a Visiting Teacher and holds an Australian Diploma and a NZ Degree in early childhood education, along with having over 28 years’ experience in the early childhood field. Janelle is from a large family herself, and her own blended family has extended to five children and four grandchildren. She shares a love of the outdoors with her husband and children, and they can often be found out on and under the water scuba diving when time allows. Janelle’s passion for early childhood education (ECE) is coupled with a determination to offer families the highest quality care for their children – and her vision drives Nurture@Home to deliver excellence in early childhood education and care. Janelle and the Leadership Team manage and support the wide network of nannies and Homebased Educators that make up the awesome team at Nurture@Home.

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