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Visiting Teacher - Chloe

Visiting Teacher

Chloe feels very fortunate to have joined the [email protected] Leadership Team as a Visiting Teacher. She is a fully registered teacher holding a Christchurch College of Education Bachelor of Teaching and Learning (Early Childhood). Chloe has been working in Early Childhood for ten years, both in management and teaching roles and has a strong passion towards creating relationship-based care and learning.

Chloe advocates for a heartfelt approach that involves respectful practice in an unhurried pace and being attentive to each child’s needs, rhythms and interests. Her passion is to also lead and mentor cohesive and collaborative teams of Educators/Kaipoipoi. Chloe does this by supporting them to recognise and discover their values and strengths around child development. Chloe encourages Educators/Kaipoipoi to embrace the notion of being authentic in their practice, in the aim of maintaining passionate, motivated and nurturing Educators/Kaipoipoi.

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