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Quality Home Childcare With Eve
Quality Home Childcare With Eve
Quality Home Childcare With Eve

Kia ora, my name is Eve and I provide a nature-based bespoke education service ‘Wild Learners’ for four and a half and five-year-olds (not yet enrolled in school), through Nurture@Home, based in The Brook.

I love that children are so curious about the world they live in. They are born scientists, artists, philosophers, and storytellers. My job as an Educator is to embrace these natural instincts and nurture them. I believe that a child needs to feel secure and safe, know they are valued and important and feel that they have a place where they can be confident in themselves. It is my role as an Educator to provide this for all the children in my care.

I am a qualified Primary Teacher and have worked as a classroom teacher for a variety of ages. I also have a Certificate of Outdoor Recreation and have worked extensively as an Outdoor Educator. I live with my husband and our 3 wonderful daughters who I home school. As a family we love being outside, biking, tramping, and enjoying nature. We also love crafts of all kinds and gardening. We have a large and very child-friendly backyard for children to explore and play. We also make the most of our surrounding neighbourhood with regular excursions to The Brook Sanctuary, Redwood Forests, and the playground. We have a learning-rich environment with a natural rhythm to our days that fosters learning through stories, play and exploration.

In addition to attending Nurture run activities, I offer a mixture of outdoor, messy and creative play. Play follows the lead of the children embracing interests and sparks of curiosity. A daily and weekly rhythm gives children confidence in knowing what’s next.

To find out more about my Wild Learners programme visit my facebook business page.

To discuss your quality education and home childcare needs with Eve – please don’t hesitate to contact us.

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