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[ Educator for: Nelson City ]

Hello, my name is Velma and, together with my young daughter, I provide a loving home-based childcare service in The Brook.


I believe that children learn from and through new and repeated experiences.  I provide positive encouragement and engagement with the children in my care and a safe and appropriate environment for them to learn and play, incorporating familiar and new objects and activities to expand their horizons at their own pace.  My programme includes regular outings to Nurture@Home playschools and outings as well as music, arts & craft and lots of sensory play!

I am a very caring person and, when I am not providing home-based childcare, I also work with elderly people to support them through the transition to residential/home-based care.

I love spending my time outdoors; walking, swimming, cycling, gardening and exploring our beautiful part of the world.

I am passionate about home-based childcare because I believe that children should be allowed the time to develop their own special character, skills and capabilities through participating in normal daily activities, interactions and play.