From the moment you start with us you will have a Coordinator/Kaitiuitui working alongside you to support you to understand the Ministry of Education requirements for providing childcare from your home and work with you to make your business a success. This includes administrative and business support to promote your services and find families that you wish to provide childcare for.

IRD & Tax Obligations

If you are working as an At Home Educator you are a self-employed contractor and will be responsible for your own tax and ACC obligations. You are required to keep a record of your income for tax purposes and Nurture@Home will provide administrative support and templates to help you meet these obligations and calculate your tax.

If you are employed as a Nanny, your employer (the family you are employed by) is responsible for your PAYE tax and ACC obligations. It is good practice to discuss this with your employer to ensure that these obligations are being met and the correct tax is being deducted.

The following links will help you understand and calculate your tax obligations:

ACC for Self Employed

Go to the ACC website to find out more about ACC levies, how they are calculated and get an idea of how much you will be required to pay as a self-employed person.

NZ Home Base Childcare Association

Membership in the Association is open to all Educators/Kaipoipoi, and parents/guardians/whanau actively involved in a Nurture@Home homebased ECE service.

Membership benefits include events and training days, free tools and resources, awesome savings on individual and business insurance (and in some memberships, FREE insurance!), free professional advice and advocacy, and much more.

You’ll also enjoy the feeling of support and connection that comes from joining your national association – the longest serving Early Childhood Education body that focuses solely on Home-based.

Visit the HBCA website to find out more about the association benefits and joining fees.


Self employed Educators/Kaipoipoi are responsible for effecting suitable insurance in respect of their business. Please advise your current home and contents insurance provider that you are operating a homebased childcare business from your home and consider taking out public liability and statutory liability insurance as below.

Public Liability
Public Liability provides cover for third party bodily injury or property damage, arising out of the operation of your business, for which you are legally liable.

Examples of this could be: Punitive and exemplary damage claims, bought by parents/guardian/whanau arising from injury to their children/tamariki whilst in your care, accidental damage to neighbouring properties e.g. balls through windows etc and for those who are tenants, damage to rental properties caused by children/tamariki in your care eg: accidental spillages staining carpets, crayon on walls etc.

Statutory Liability
Statutory Liability provides cover for costs associated with an unintentional breach of most statutes such as OSH and prosecutions arising from children/tamariki being injured whilst in care.